Have You Try WordAds?

Have you try WordAds? or have you heard WordAds ?

As we know, wordpress.com resisted advertising. Even big player like Google’s AdSense did not allowed come and play in the yard. Reading this blog, finally wordpress.com come with its own way. Maybe wordpress.com want become like frans sinatra “i did it my way”.

In a simple words, WordAds is wordpress.com way to allow bloggers to earn money from their blog through ads. they said “Well we think we’ve cracked it, and we’re calling it WordAds“.

here are some copy of the blog realease:

Blogs are unique and they shouldn’t be treated like every other page on the internet. There are more than 50,000 WordPress-powered blogs coming online every day, and every time I explore them randomly I’m always surprised and delighted by how people are using the platform to express themselves.

As a WordPress user you’re breathing rarefied air on the internet: the Creators, the Independents. Creative minds aren’t satisfied being digital sharecroppers on someone else’s domain, and you want to carve out your own piece of the internet and have a space that you’re proud of because it’s so… you.

Wanna come and play? please visit this link for further info: http://en.wordpress.com/apply-for-wordads/


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